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Nordic Music Central Spotify Playlist #7   April – May 2022

We managed to go through April and most of May without a playlist, so here it is and because of the gap it has been extended to 14 songs this time.

Norway predominates this month, simply because that’s where most new recorded material seems to come from just now.

Norwegian artists this time out are:

The sophisticated, classy and established Josefin Winther, singing again in Norwegian with ‘Fritt fall’ which concerns a visit she made to a World War 2 museum and the effect it had on her. And it’s on her latest EP.

Tuvaband, who again presents something eerie and atmospheric with ‘Rejuvenate’, and which would suit a Final Destination movie.

Meanwhile, Marie Sahba who is of Middle Eastern descent touchingly sings a song to her grandmother back home and of what could have been if circumstances had been different.

In contrast, the rowdy duo Ask Carol with their intensely epic and almost oxymoronically titled ‘Quiet One’.

The sultry Portuguese – Norwegian Charlotte dos Santos offers us ‘Hello Hello’ and it isn’t a corny BBC World War 2 innuendo-ridden situation comedy from the 1980s. Listen carefully. You could easily mistake her for Amy Winehouse.

Amanda Tenfjord, the naturalised Norwegian who just represented Greece at Eurovision, has followed up her entry there with a new song, ‘Plans’, which concerns those that fall apart all too easily.

The multi-talented Marte Eberson has a first stab at a pure pop song, and makes a pretty good fist of it, to say the least.

From Denmark, we have Aya Vedige, who I was quite happy to compare with Laurie Anderson and Alanis Morissette, performing Low Love’.

Also Kindsight, with the catchy-chorused ‘Hi Life’ which could be an antidote to the aforementioned Low Love, and which is taken from their recent debut album.

Five tracks from Sweden, the first of which is Varnagel’s Ensamvargtimmem;’ erudite punk at its best.

In contrast, Bara Karin is making sure she takes her medication ‘Five times a day,’ a thoughtful song about the mental health system in Sweden, which doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement on ours.

The Anglo-Swedish duo We Ghosts recorded the entertaining, thought provoking 60s-invoking ‘For the greater good’ recently.

KÅRP’s ‘Perfect Order’ the title track from their latest EP shows off the duo’s continuing mastery of IDM but this time it’s more sedate than usual, reflecting “the silence, and the absence of all fixed values.”

Finally, bringing up the rear in the nicest way is Federation with ‘Walls of Gold’, another example of the DIY band’s propensity to play synths, and synths. And synths.

That’s it for this month. We can’t feature everything in the playlist and that’s why both Finland and Iceland aren’t here this time. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Remember, you can read the reviews of all these songs and/or the albums they came from on the Nordic Music Central website.


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