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Nordic Music Central Spotify Playlist #8 June 2022

It’s time for the Playlist again and a truncated one this time, just 10 songs which means unfortunately that we had to leave out some very good ones.

But there’s a good cross-section though, including another banger from Norway’s Ask Carol, a piece of sophistication as always from Daniel Österjö and a naughty little story of being blacklisted from celeb parties in Oslo from Leah Holm.

There are a couple of rising stars from Sweden, Bina and Maliika, who sound like they could be full backs for Arsenal (only joking, ladies), and Norway’s Misty Coast is back with a brainchild. Denmark’s Vince Chinaski demands ‘Unconditional Love’ while boerd and ‘Venus’ think it could be left until ‘Tomorrow.’

It’s always the season for Hannah Schneider while Helena Montgomery produces a very classy single, ‘Diamond in the rough’.

And there’s a bonus track as well this month as I just wrote an article declaring Nightwish’s Floor Jansen to be the #1 rock singer on Earth. I’ll let her prove it and her phenomenal versatility with the studio version of ‘Shoemaker’.


The full playlist is:

Helena Montgomery (Sweden) – Diamond in the rough

Ask Carol (Norway) – Pressure’s on

Vince Chinaski (Denmark) – Unconditional Love

Leah Holm (Norway) – Blacklisted

Daniel Österjö (Sweden) – Du går förbi

boerd (Sweden) ft. Venus Anon – Tomorrow

Hannah Schneider (Denmark) – It’s the Season

Bina (Sweden) – Woman from before

Maliika (Sweden) – Flow

Misty Coast (Norway) – Brainchild

Nightwish (Finland) – Shoemaker

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