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Norra Ren (Sweden) – Guld (Gold)

It’s always good to feature a new band and a new face and this one is Peder Olsén, out of Bollnäs, a town in central Sweden. He wrote 18 songs, easily enough for two albums these days, during the pandemic but is searching for the financing to achieve a first release.

This song, ‘Guld’ (Gold) is recorded by his band Norra Ren, which is the name of an area of the town (not of an actress on the Hollywood Walk of fame as the image might lead you to believe and which comprises Olsén on lead vocals, together with Jon-Terje Sundberg (vocals, piano and bass), Daniel Lindblom (guitar, also the producer) and Måns Lindblom on drums.

This song and the B side, ‘Bensin’, collectively make the first single and were released last week.

Peder Olsén bills it as “Swedish rock with a taste of the 90s.”

It’s funny how guitar riffs have a way of coming around. The first (and last) time I heard this one (or to be accurate one very similar to it) it was underpinning Icelander Soffía Björg’s retro ‘I lie’ seven years ago and turned me into an instant fan.

This one gives me similar vibes. It’s catchy, easy on the ear but lively and uplifting and Mr Olsén has just the right delivery for it.

I don’t imagine they’ll have long to wait before that finance rolls in.

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