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O F W I L D (Finland) – Lonely (Single)

O F W I L D is Jenni Salminen and Katja Tolonen, previously in bands such The Wrecking Queens and The Lieblings but focusing on this project in recent years as they hone their skills. Just as a matter of interest (or should that be enterest?) does anyone’s name in Finland not end in ‘en’? I’d love to know!

‘Lonely’ is their first single and it is about being detached, both physically and mentally. Typically they work around themes such as love, life and nature.

The concept of detachment comes across well. Initially from the howling hyenas and slightly discordant piano opening bars and then as the song progresses from the bass line which projects the image of a long distance train trundling across the prairie in the dead of night.

And their lush joint vocal is appropriately ‘distant.’

My only concern is that, to use a football analogy, the song never quite gets out of second gear. It seems to be building up to a crescendo but it never arrives, it gets bogged down midway through somehow. I’m not a musician and I feel uncomfortable about making suggestions but perhaps a strident key change midway through for a bit of variety and a punchier bridge might have helped.

And it’s deserving of a grandstand finish, too.

I reckon I cut a lonely figure here myself, because Finnish media has picked up on the song since its original February release (it is re-released now as a video), and on the duo, and there is certainly plenty here to bookmark O F W I L D for future song releases and they will be releasing more singles during 2022.

‘Lonely’ is published by Bianca-Pop Music.

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