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Old Man Blues (Denmark) – Sex without love (sample track from album Ready for Fun)

Old Man Blues (Denmark) – Sex without love (sample track from album Ready for Fun)

‘Sex without love.’ That got your attention didn’t it? Sounds like it could be the house anthem at Hooters.

It is actually the product of a 69 year old, Michael Krogsgaard (he had to be 69 didn’t he?), whose day job is as a physician at Bispebjerg Hospital Copenhagen where his is Professor of Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopy (which refers to shoving a camera up your jacksy).

 Weirdly, the whole thing reminds me of the bawdy 1967 Carry On series film, Carry on Doctor, and of Phil Collins’ famous reference, when introducing a Genesis song, to a porn film he’d seen called ‘Danish Dentists on the job’.

And this sample track, from his debut album ‘Ready for fun’ (I’ll bet he is) is merely one on a double vinyl album that has several other titles that could be considered a little risqué such as ‘Ready for fun’, ‘Ready for love’ and ‘Don’t force me’ although that one is subtitled ‘Alzheimer Blues.’

Pitched in among them is ‘The Kandahar Desert (and Elsewhere). Perhaps he’s an Afghanistan War veteran as well.

But for all this real or imagined ribaldry I was more impressed with the fact that Michael Krogsgaard was just 21 years old when he founded the record company Hookfarm, which releases this debut album today (13th January), which is also a Friday and that explains why there are no other releases today. The physician pours ice cubes down the vest of fear as Blackadder used to say.

And to top that, he is also one of the world’s leading Bob Dylan experts, whom he has studied with great passion and precision for nearly half a century.

Don’t expect any Dylan here though, either before or after his ‘Judas’ moment. Old Man Blues is what it says on the tin, blues and with a smattering of hard rock and garage, and this song in particular is in-your-face, raw, down and dirty – and that’s just the music. (And there’s an orgasmic, Blake Sennett-like, guitar solo in it).

As for the lyrics, how about,

“Sex without love, its thrilling fun/from midnight ‘til the rise of sun

 Sex without love, come turn me one/long or soft or slow, you know I’m gone

Sex without love, you make me feel blue/when you tell me the things that you want me to do

Sex without love, you’re perfectly slick/like a machine when you’re doing your trick.

Call it sex without love, it’s perfectly true/I’m loving myself but not really you”.

And the classic, “Sex without love, feels like a gimmick/ the walk of shame to the VD clinic…”

He’s virtually reciting the Kama Sutra.

As says for himself, “Yes, the texts are straightforward and right in the face reflections from an ‘Old Man’ with rich experience, experiences and lived life in the baggage.”

I say, old chap! Growing old disgracefully, as they say.

Have we reached the watershed yet? (21:00 in the UK for TV programmes). Get the kids off to bed before you play it!

When I first saw the title I thought masturbation, then as it got going, prostitution, domination, then swinging.

The clever thing about this song is that it could be about any of the above or none at all. There’s even a line towards the end when he sings “it depends on the tune my guitar plays” which suggests a different interpretation altogether.

 ‘Ready for Fun’ with Old Man Blues was released digitally and on vinyl.

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