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Ove Markström (Sweden) – Orkar inte mer (sample track from album Från Kågevägen till Skånegatan)

Everything is in Swedish with this one folks, but I managed to figure some of it with the help of our old friend Mr Google.

Ove Markström is a veteran of the Swedish band This Perfect Day, which called it a day in 1998 but the guitarist carried on writing songs on his own account, ultimately taking on vocal duties to boot.

This album was heavily influenced by medical events in his family and they are reflected in the lyrics but, at first listening at least, is musically upbeat in tone.

There’s melody a-plenty and the guitar, replete with fuzz, reverb and multiple licks, is in evidence in most of the songs. Having said that, Ove plays most of the instruments himself

Unfortunately the Swedish lyrics, which address issues as wide as the medical events previously mentioned and local politics, go over my ahead. Even the album title, ‘Från Kågevägen till Skånegatan’  (‘From Kågevägen to Skånegatan’) is a mystery. It could be something out of Gulliver’s Travels.

Musically though, there’s everything from heavy rock to shoegaze and I chose this (penultimate) track as an example particularly because it’s like an amalgam of Roxy Music and the Go-Go’s if you can imagine such a thing even if the title, ‘Orkar inte mer’ (‘Can’t take it anymore’) doesn’t relate to the style of either of those bands.

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