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Pikes (Sweden) – It’s looking up (single)

Whenever I see a song title like that I think of the horror show that was the 1993 D: REAM song ‘Things can only get better’ which was an advert for the Labour Party and Tony Blair in the death throes of the Tories. ‘Nuff said about that. Or more recently, Knife Girl’s ‘The good times are coming your way’ which is much better.

And at least those songs can be related to Pikes if only because they both carry a strong tune and Pikes does that habitually.

The last time he was here, in September, he was singing about ‘Yuppie Love’ on the title track from his album. It had an enormous tune.

Frequently he channels Peter Gabriel and/or Genesis. On ‘Yuppie Love’ it was an artist from the other end of the scale, Howard Jones, and on the second consecutive single, to boot.

And on ‘It’s looking up’ he’s gone and done it again, with a song that lies somewhere between Jones and Prince in its composition and performance.

What this song lacks in melody (only in comparison with his previous output I might add) it more than makes up for with groove. The bass and drums seem to be connected by an umbilical cord. If an F1 car had as much groove in its tyres it could go around the circuit at the speed of sound. In the rain.

Pikes says the song is about how great his life is and how he’s just walking around every single day thinking the whole world is his music video. Nice work if you can get it.

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