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Potpourri 01 November – tracks from Lush Lullaby (Denmark) and Marissa M (Denmark)

Lush Lullaby (Denmark) – Waiting for the Sun (EP track/single)

Lush Lullaby is the artist moniker of Lars Bredahl and his band and he/they have passed this way before, back in January, with a sample track, ‘Demons’, from his then unreleased EP, ‘Waiting for the Sun.’ recorded in the Dead Rat Studio in Aarhus.

Now they have released a single which is the title track of the EP and it carries on where ‘Demons’ left off, a throttling, roaring punk song which might have been played at the Lesser Free Trade Hall here in Manchester in the boiling hot summer of 1976 when the Sex Pistols headlined what has since been referred to as ‘the gig that changed the world’, in front of only 50 people or so, but who included the likes of The Buzzcocks and Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order. The rest is history.

Why am I banging on about this? Because, as I think I said in the previous article, there is punk and there is punk. Some of it, both then and now, has sounded artificial and plastic.

This doesn’t. It’s the real McCoy. It’s simple, to the point and the message is plain – he wants the sun. Don’t we all?

We’re back in ’76 and that sun’s a-shining.



The band:

Lars Bredahl: vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards.

Drums and percussion: Flemming Christensen.

Bass guitar:  Peter Bjerregaard.

Find them on:



Marissa M (Denmark) – Happy in L.A. (sample track from album I.M M)

I suppose I.M M cryptically represents ‘I am Marissa M’ or something like that? I’ve sat on this one for a while because I wasn’t sure where Marissa is from. Her email address is .de, which appears to be Germany rather than Denmark, and I hope she doesn’t mind me saying so but she looks German!

But in the end I settled on Denmark because there are a lot of references to Aarhus in her socials.

I selected a sample track from the album straight off because as regular readers will know I’ve reported on several songs where the writer has moved away to the USA, usually New York, and for one reason or another found it wanting. They couldn’t get away quick enough.

On the surface it looks as if the outcome here is different. ‘Happy in L.A.’ suggests integrational success, but it turns out to be ironic because, as she says, the ‘atmosphere’ of any place, be it a small village or a heaving metropolis like L.A. is dependent on the people in it and once those people are no longer part of the scene that atmosphere can change dramatically, along with your perception of the place.

Which leads me to think that city must be an exceptionally lonely place if you don’t know anyone there.

That said, the song is an up-tempo bubbly one, it’s undemanding lyrically and sonically and it can transport you easily to Hollywood or Sunset Boulevards, the wind in your hair as you cruise in your open top Cadillac.

Perhaps it might have been livened up a little with a more expressive bridge but overall the song conveys its meaning very well.


Find her on:



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