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PRISMA (Denmark) – Lost (single/sample track from album Something to respond to) + video

We are way behind and seriously late with this one but I think you’ll agree it has been worth the wait.

PRISMA is two young Danish sisters, Sirid and Frida Møl Kristensen who have a distinctly 1980s new wave look about them and who, in their album ‘Something to respond to’ and especially in this sample track, ‘Lost’, face down the overt pessimism regarding the future that awaits them by way of the establishment of their own identities as those that can and will deal with those challenges that face them.

If I can offer a crumb of comfort ladies, I’ve seen it far worse than this and we’ve always come through it ok. Don’t despair.

But do keep on writing these songs that catalogue your responses.

Their objective was to create a different and intimate short story in every song, which could be manifested in the form of a personal letter to an unknown recipient. A message in a bottle perhaps, or a burst of interstellar energy directed at an exoplanet somewhere off the shoulder of Orion, where Rutger Hauer hangs out, seeing things you’d never believe.

There’s more science, too as the songs combine to create a ‘bigger picture’ while maintaining its individual meaning. The sum of all the parts is greater than the whole,

In ‘Lost’ and its attendant video it appears as if the world’s worrying mother is fretting for tout le monde of the under 16s, her lined visage racked with concern, but who focuses that concern on whether she should hang on to a child for as long as she can or cast caution, and it, to the winds on the simple basis that it will be their world soon and they need to understand as quickly as possible how to survive it. Like throwing a baby into a swimming pool I suppose.

Each verse ends with a different conclusion, a plethora of conflicting emotions –

“She’s a nightmare/She should be loved

She’s alright/She should be gone

She’s destructive/She should be loved

She’s like winter/She should be gone

She’s alright, I’ll fly with her/I know she’s alright…”

I don’t know why she walks away at the end. One interpretation might be that she accepts that the next generation must choose their own path and not be influenced by history but there are several ways of looking at it.

I’m always wary of schools choirs. I can’t get away from Clive Dunn’s ‘Grandad’, backed by the St Winifred’s School Choir, which almost made it to #1 in the charts at Christmas 1970 and undeniably the soppiest song in pop history, but to be fair to these kids they nailed it.

As the Floyd said, hey teacher, leave them kids alone.

Video by Emma Ishøy.

In Denmark, PRISMA has become one of the most renowned new acts claiming a Danish Music Award as “Best New Live Artist” in 2022 and the prestigious Carl Prisen as “Best Rock Composers” of 2023.

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