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Rebekka Louise (Norway) – Breathing Poison (single)

She’s ever so slightly mysterious is Rebekka Louise. Seemingly a native of Norway but now London-based, she does have a marginally Mediterranean appearance and her full name is Rebekka L V García Benito, which is about as Spanish as it gets although that could of course have arisen out of a marriage or some other circumstance.

The song, ‘Breathing Poison, concerns a friendship being ruined by other people casting judgement on a couple and poisoning their opinions of each other. It serves, she says “as a reminder to trust yourself and not always rely on others’ expectations and opinions – and as a plea to talk with and trust those you love, and not judge based upon what others may say.”

Sounds like good advice.

The first thing I noticed on this song, and you may do too, is that it sounds a little disjointed. If you can remember the old prog rockers from the 1970s they would mix time signatures so that different instruments would be played in different meters. One of the best examples is ‘Apocalypse in 9/8’ from ‘Suppers Ready’ by Genesis. Bass and percussion in 9/8; synthesiser in 7/4; guitar in 4/4.

Now I’m not saying Rebekka is a latter day prog rocker but you get the impression that something similar is happening once the main beat kicks in but actually I don’t think that’s the case and that everything is encased within the same meter; it’s just that she’s very good at scanning her vocal part; and this isn’t easy to sing.

Whatever the reason for this discord it works well at painting a picture of a relationship at odds with itself on account of external  and unwanted intervention.

A serious subject but with a dance feel to it courtesy of a snappy, groovy backbeat, Rebekka has been cute with the synthesised parts as well, which add to the value of the song rather than impose themselves on it.

Vocally she reminds me a little of Colchester’s finest, Polly Scattergood, with her short phrasing, slight breathlessness and sharp, punchy lyrics. And the darkness of the content.

The more I listen to this song the more I want to know about her back story because there’s a high degree of professionalism in this song. All I’m able to recount to you is that after time away from releasing music, she returns “with a new and fresh sound…exploring the gritty and darker emotions of friendships and relationships.”

But I also know she works as a producer, and that adds up…

Unfortunately, there is precious little about her online. So that will have to be it for now.

‘Breathing Poison’ is available now on streaming services.

Find her on:


3 Responses

  1. Her vocals are amazing! To think she produced the song as well, wow!
    Can’t wait to hear more from her.

  2. I had the pleasure of being able to mix and master this song for Rebekka and was BLOWN AWAY from the first time I heard the song. I hope it’s the first of many. Rebekka is as talented as she is kind! An absolute pleasure to work with and I hope the song brings many people joy and Rebekka success!

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