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Scarlett’s Garden (Sweden) – Break like glass (single)

Doing some research on Scarlett’s Garden I discovered they’ve previously recorded a song called ‘6 feet below’. I hope there’s no-one buried there. Saga and the polis will be on the case.

There are a lot of Christmas songs being released right now that have ‘alternative’ themes. I’m still waiting for the economic austerity theme; it will arrive one day soon. Which reminds me of the austerity Christmas tree that my pub put up once, it was black, with no baubles or tinsel.

And of course in the UK everyone is taking their lead from the always anticipated John Lewis (department stores) Christmas television advert which this year had nothing to do with giving and receiving presents but which focuses instead on a middle aged bloke who almost breaks his neck learning how to skateboard so he has something in common with the teenage girl his family offers to foster for the holiday period. Aw.

In this case the song, self produced and also written by the two ladies, is themed as “a celebration for all the heroes out there who are good listeners to their close ones.”  As indeed they should be. If anyone wants to foster me for Christmas they need only ask. I’m a good listener.

Scarlett’s Garden consists of Suvi Biggs, lead vocals and piano, and Caroline Boston, on lap steel guitar. I have to say that I haven’t heard a lap steel played in such an upfront way before, it usually whines along in the background in your typical roots rock/ Americana song, in the nicest possible way of course.

But not here. It’s so much to the fore and played so adventurously by Caroline that I was half expecting a solo at any moment.

Suvi has a powerful voice that suggests she could tackle any demanding rock song, even something from Hazel O’Connor’s ‘Breaking Glass.’

Give it a spin, I think you’ll like.

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