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Scarlett’s Garden (Sweden) – You, You, You (single + video)

Scarlett’s Garden were last here around Christmas time with a very rocky song, and a lap steel guitar played in a forceful manner the likes of which I’ve not heard often before, by Caroline Boston.

They describe themselves as “a mix of country, rock, blues and salty ocean air” and point out that the song has electric guitar harmonising with lap steel riffs to produce a novel sound.

Well it certainly does that. If you’re looking for a song for your summer party that will get everyone on their feet look no further.

I don’t know quite what the song is about. I can only guess that it refers to a ‘ships that pass in the night’ scenario where a summer romance starts and then evaporates with the sunset.

What we are really here for the instrumental interplay. And that is tasty.

Scarlett’s Garden are Caroline Boston (on lap steel) & Suvi Biggs (vocals), supported here by Sara Pettersson on bass, while Sara Jeppson plays the harmony riffs and the solo on electric guitar.

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