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Signe Vange (Denmark) – Dinosaur (title/sample track from EP)

One thing you won’t be doing for sure when you are listening to Signe Vange is dancing but hey ho we’ve had plenty of that sort of music in the last few articles.

She’s Danish but I know little more than that other than she is originally from Odense and moved to Copenhagen, and she says her music is driven by emotions and that her stories “examine the core of human experience.”

She seems to be something of a campaigner; her Facebook page contains an entreaty to people to vote in a commercial election where she’s favouring what appears to be an ESG-oriented candidate, if I translated it correctly. And she made a point of releasing this, her third EP, on International Women’s Day.

So in summary, a politically motivated singer of soft ballads who is concerned about the planet. There’s nothing new about that, there are plenty of others out there. But it’s how you do it that counts.

Think of every escape mechanism you’ve ever used to get away from the trials and tribulations of your daily toil and you’ll find it in this one track alone. An oasis of calm in a storm that never materialised.

And a voice that could settle you down while the air raid sirens are blasting out at maximum volume.

She could sing this, and the other four tracks on the album, just to the accompaniment of a softly strummed acoustic guitar but another string to her bow is her ability to introduce just the right amount of haunting electronica in the background to remind you that there is another world out there apart from the one she’s luring you, siren-like, into.

That vocal is tender and fragile, a little in the way of some of the usual suspects like Polly Scattergood (UK) and Solblomma (Sweden) in parts.

A favourite word of mine, but one I haven’t used for a while, is serendipity. And if there is one that encapsulates both the artist and what she is about, this is it.

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Facebook: (private account)


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