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Siri Neel (Denmark) – Oxygen (Single/possible future album track)

I’m not a swimmer and I stay as far away as possible from water but Siri Neel’s take on it is quite different. She says she’s under the H2O but without the O, trapped in the darkness of her own insecurities, her history and at rock bottom, scraping the ocean floor along with whatever else is down there.

So she’s clean out of ‘Oxygen’, and in danger of getting the bends, but the pain alone is helping her breathe again, and forcing her to accept and face up to the challenges in her personal life (and as readers may know she’s had some, including losing her voice and being unable to sing for years).

She’s very good at this sort of imagery as we’ve seen before and always manages to wrap up her thoughtful pieces in ear pleasing pop melodies with particularly catchy choruses.

‘Oxygen’ is no different but one thing that is, is that I’m unable to make comparisons with Kate Bush this time, as both I and others have done before. That voice of hers remains as distinctive as ever but now it is Siri Neel, pure and simple.

This time out she has worked with producer Jakob Groth, songwriter Benrose and Jürgen Stiehle, the German songwriter and drummer from Voice of Berlin and the Blue Man Group.

Siri Neel´s debut album will be released in October 2024 and if it lives up to the promise of the three singles I’ve heard so far it can’t be long before others start to be compared to her.

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Photo: Ulrik Jantzen

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