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Sny (Norway) – Out of my head (single)

Sny (Toril Snyen) is a Norwegian artist who lives in Sweden since 2014 and has several musical projects, one of which (Sny) is electronic pop. She’s also involved in the Toril Snyen Band, an alt-rock unit, and as a jazz vocalist in Jazz Mode. To top all that she was the first female singer in the Norwegian cult-doom-metal band Funeral in the 1990s (she recently fronted one song for them at an Oslo gig, for the first time since 1996). And she plays classical piano. I wonder if she’s ever thought about rapping? Or Northern Soul?

 If I understood it correctly ‘Out of my head’ is the latest single but the next album release (August) will be from the Toril Snyen Band.

I was attracted to this song for the oddest of reasons. Anyone who has been around long enough to remember when NMC started last October will recall that the very first post, an introductory one, featured Dragonette’s ‘Hello’ as the background music.

And the vibes here are similar, if not as ‘in your face’ as Ms Sorbara’s effort. It’s packed full of melody and its simple and direct enough that it could be the sort of thing selected for Eurovision and do pretty well. And it makes for quite a contrast with some of her other product, which you can find on her website and which has considerably more compositional overtones.

Clearly a multitalented artist and one we welcome to our pages.

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