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Songs for the End of the Day 3rd February from Braunbeer (Sweden) and Astaa (Denmark)

Braunbeer (Sweden) – Put your hands up (single)

Braunbeer paid us a visit last November with a club EDM banger, ‘Love is gone’. Now he’s back with another one, which if anything bangs even louder.

This is one of the catchiest dance tracks I’ve heard for a long while, he’s worked up a really memorable hook linked to a physical movement (“put your hands up”) – a winning formula every time -knows just when to drop the pace and then ratchet it back up again, and because everything is condensed into just two and a half minutes it works even better.

He might even be able to get my limbs moving on a dance floor with this one.

He’s also done something to his voice. It was a high tenor last time and while that’s still there he’s trawling around in bass territory as well at times. Must be consuming a lot of brown beer.

There’s a couple of disconcerting moments when he produces a noise which sounds like an earthquake or a bomb going off, which isn’t recommended for listening to on headphones but I’ll forgive him that.

‘Love is gone’ was released too late for the Mediterranean vacation season but ‘Put your hands up’ is well timed for this one. I’m looking forward to hearing it there.

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Astaa (Denmark) – Collusion (single/track from forthcoming EP)

It’s rare that we get a wunderkind in these pages but here’s one; Astaa (Asta Gaustad), now working out of Copenhagen.

Her debut single ‘Feel It All’ was released in November and she has already performed at music industry festival SPOT, the well known Copenhagen venue Hotel Cecil.

‘Collusion’ comes out of collusion, if you’ll pardon the pun, with the producer Valentin Kruse.

Her songs are to do with the maelstrom of emotions which afflict Gen Z. Nothing new in that but I have to say that she has a notably mature soul vocal on this track. It’s a little bit Amy Winehouse-like but I don’t think that’s forced, it all sounds natural enough to me and in any case there’s no shame in comparing her to Camden’s finest. You’ll notice it more on the video which I’ve added to the Spotify track.

It seems she discovered the word collusion by accident and something about it appealed to her, eventually becoming a prompt to let her fantasies run loose, and culminating in a visualisation of a Bonnie and Clyde movie mixed with the moodiness of a James Bond villain.

Give this some space, especially the video. Whatever your take was previously on jazzy, poppy soul delivered in a contralto voice I’m sure you’re going to like it.

‘Collusion’ is taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Bittersweet’ which is slated for a March 8th release.

Find her on:



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