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Songs for the End of the Day 10th March from Gienlyd (Denmark) and HIGH – D (Finland)

Gienlyd (Denmark) – Daydream & Genlyd (double single)

I had to do a little translation exercise with the first one tonight, even though Gienlyd (Jakob Bjerrum Thisted) has been here before. Twice in fact. Mr Google translates the Danish word Gienlyd as meaning ‘Noise’ although I know the Danish artist Lydmor translates as ‘Mother of Sound’ so I’m sure there must be more to it than that.

Anyway, the search was made because one of the two tracks (not an EP but a ‘double single!) on Gienlyd’s latest offering is called ‘Genlyd’, like with an ‘i’ missing and that means ‘Echo’. So listen for the echo and you might find the lost ‘i’. Or something like that.

Both ‘Genlyd’ and the other track, ‘Daydream’ are “designed to transport listeners to a tranquil state of mind.”

There’s no arguing they do that although you might have to tone the volume down a little. In ‘Daydream’ a simple plucked guitar melody on an acoustic guitar contrasts with background early evening birdsong chorus. With winter still very much in play here today it is undeniably a transport of delight. If we’re lucky this might be reality by late August.

If I’m going to be critical perhaps a little variation on the melody might have made it better still.

And, hey-ho, that’s exactly what you get in ‘Genlyd’, which is also a more animated piece with an intensity you might even equate with that of ‘Classical Gas’. Someone must have set a cat amongst the pigeons.

Gienlyd says his music is for road trips, to help you enjoy as background to a meaningful conversation with a friend. I can understand that where his previous songs were concerned but this double issue is better suited to your conservatory or ‘winter garden’ when the sun is going down, with a glass of wine, Or two.

These two singles are a final preview before his EP is released this summer.

 (‘Daydream’) –

(‘Genlyd’) –

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HIGH –D (Finland) – Newsframe Feel (single)

It’s sing-a-long time. But with a serious edge. High-D (Heidi M. Mantere) was here earlier in the year with ‘The 80s Song’, which paid tribute to that decade and its music.

Now she returns with ‘Newsframe Feel’ which at first I thought might be a musical version of the multiple Oscar-winning 1976 film Network about the shenanigans at a major US news station but which turns out to be one in which she reflects on a dissolving relationship which is playing out like a series of newspaper story frames as she sits alone at a dining table.

“Our love has come to crossroads, I find more news from TV shows” she laments, indicating perhaps that the relationship is no longer even newsworthy to the participants.

The music (courtesy of HIGH – D and Pekka Saukkonen) is delivered in a jaunty manner, a sort of Country & Western style meets Bucks Fizz that is slightly at odds with the storyline without detracting from it in any way.

The lyrics are still a bit wonky in this English language version but that just adds to its charm.

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