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SP-JUST-FROST (Denmark) – Lys På Det, from Lys Det Op (Light it up) (track from EP)

A strange name for a band but a little less strange when you figure out it refers to Henrik ‘SP’ Schou Poulsen, the bass player, Esben Just (vocals and piano) and Søren Frost, the drummer.

But what’s in a name anyway? We’re here for the music, and a band playing the sort of music that you wouldn’t often find in the UK these days.

These guys go some way back. Together, they have six full-length albums, many singles, EPs and ‘Christmas specials’ behind them. They’ve been around individually on the Danish music scene for more than three decades. And they’re touring right now, with a clutch of new Danish-language songs on the EP, ‘Lys Det Op’, from which this, ‘Lys På Det’ is the final track of six.

It’s a trio which writes deep songs, about the climate, various inequalities and depression but you wouldn’t know it from this upbeat, funky jazz (or jazzy funk) number in which they do light it up with so much groove you could get lost in it; the sort of performance Jools Holland would be falling over himself to book for his ‘Later With…’ programme, ensuring no doubt that he joined Esben on the keys.

Just love that hat Esben, where can I get one?

‘Lys Det Op’ is out now.

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