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SUNDAYS (Denmark) – Great Big Sky (single, track from forthcoming album)

We’ve had experimental, classical and symphonic metal so far this week so time for a little gentle indie folk from Copenhagen-based group, SUNDAYS, known for their strong and personal songs formed by way of a friendship that dates back to 2008, and catchy melodies.

‘Great Big Sky’ comes as a prelude to their forthcoming third studio album, titled ‘Giant Formula,’ which is set for release on May 10th, 2024.

The song and the album have been produced by Asger Techau from the band Kashmir.

The lyrics concern being trapped in the (presumably exhausted) possibilities of the past, yet at the same time appreciating that it is still the same sky hanging over us all, now as it did back then, which in turn sponsors the desire for and the need to strive for reconciliation.

That seems to be something of a broad brush stroke but the beauty of songs like this is that you can apply them equally to your own personal situation as you can to world events that lie outside your control.

Lyrically the song is simple, a little vague and left open to your interpretation. The only ‘concrete’ lines are right at the beginning –

“You and me through the southlands/With nothing else on our minds

I can still hear you howling/In the warm starry night”

There is something a little disturbing there, I was starting to think along the lines of an Angel Olsen epic, but it is not developed further, and I’m glad to report that the story behind the song seems to be anything but sinister!

What really strikes you about ‘Great Big Sky’ is SUNDAYS’ great big sound. If Big Country were ‘In a big country’ then SUNDAYS have found their aural Nirvana under that huge sky.

And doesn’t the vocalist Magnus Jacobsen sound like Yes’ Jon Anderson?


Magnus Jacobsen (vocals and guitar)

Marie Linander Henriksen (bass and vocals)

Morten Falk Overgaard (drums and vocals)

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