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Sviir (Norway) – Kaos i Gryta (single)

I thought Sviir was Icelandic yoghurt that’s better than the little blue pill for encouraging amorous adventures but I’ve got the wrong end of the stick if you’ll pardon the pun, and that turned out to be skyr. It is in fact a three piece (drums, bass, guitar) Norwegian rock band, which sings in Norwegian and which has been together since May 2022 and released its debut album in April 2023.

A DIY band with no record label, no professional promotion and no booking company yet. But undaunted they carry on; the spirit we like to see at NMC.

January 12th sees the release of a single, ‘Kaos i Gryta’ (‘Chaos in the Pot’) which sounds like the subtitle of an unreleased Carry On film from the 1970s. ‘Carry on Cooking’ perhaps.

They are in a quandary as to whether to label it hard rock, punk, grunge or metal and plumped for the plain and simple ‘rock’.

To be honest, after listening to it a few times I’m none the wiser. I don’t really hear metal riffs. Fundamentally, it’s the heaviest element you’ll find in the Rock-y mountains but at the same time it is tempered by little stretches that could be T Rex playing at 33rpm instead of 45, and a Nirvana guitar/bass progression. And even a little bit of prog rock here and there (I’m thinking King Crimson mainly).

In other words there’s something for everyone. And definitely for the head bangers when they play live. I imagine that’s quite an experience.

A key component of any heavy rock song is that the vocalist can sing in the requisite style and there are no problems here, with Sviir’s, who sounds like a genuine Rock God.

The single is to be followed up on 2nd February by a six track EP called, ‘Sviiresøstre Sviirebrødre’. I’m not going to try to translate that precisely but they tell me a “sviirebror” or a “sviiresøster” is like a “brother” or “sister” that you share all your good parties with. So let the party begin!

They are playing a gig at somewhere called Dunk on 3rd February and are counting it down online like Musk before a SpaceX launch. Love it. And I just know they’ll slam Dunk.

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