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Technical issues are being resolved + comment on AI

Technical issues are being resolved + comment on AI

Readers will have noticed some technical issues over the last few months.

I’m glad to say that they have been tackled and we’re getting back to normality now. Nordic Music Central’s host has a new server which is fast and efficient and downtime has been minimised.

Hopefully all the problems will have been resolved in the next few days.

If you notice anything that is still evidently wrong please let me know by way of the About/Contact page or email [email protected]. I’m too busy writing to notice these things!

One thing I have noticed is that if you are using a PC, laptop or tablet the browsers Firefox and Bing tend to produce a better image than Google Chrome, which can be a bit ‘iffy’. I don’t know why that is.

I intended to write something about AI. It’s all the talk at the moment, what with ChatGTP and other chatbots from Google, Bing and many others.

Musicians and writers alike have much to fear from them and I don’t do hyperbole.

But of one thing you can be certain. Reviews in this publication will never be written by a freaking robot.



16 Feb 23.

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