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Tedeborg (Sweden) – Meine Generation (title track from EP)

We don’t have anything like enough krautrock in NMC so to try to redress the balance a little here’s a classic example of the model, from Sweden’s Tedeborg, ably supported by the Swedish electronica artist Niels Gordon who usually works with instrumental music, but here debuts as a singer.

If you’re thinking you might have come across Tedeborg in NMC before you are correct. He was here in October last year in the guise of producer of the Swedish reggae band Babylon North.

And before that, although not in NMC, he created a super Joy Division tribute called ‘Ian Curtis Reached Heaven Long before Me’ a few years ago.

You might hear a distinctive Joy Division/New Order bass line in this title track from the EP, ‘Meine Generation’. Then later it changes to something quite similar to the underlying theme of Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Ready, Steady, Go’. We are in good company here.

Because krautrock had so many contributory genres woven into its experimental framework I’ve never been able to pigeonhole it precisely but I can reconcile it with German engineering, efficiency and even military prowess. This track in particular could be what the employees work out to each morning before starting work at the Volkswagen factory.

But it turns out that ‘Meine Generation’ is actually an environmental song that focuses on one’s own guilt, according to Tedeborg. I guess that means taking responsibility for forgetting to put out your paper waste bin for collection, just as China opens its second coal fired power station this week.

Not an original concept perhaps, but one that still prompts a realisation in him “that it is far too late for absolution.”

Tedeborg is based close to Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast where he specialises in PostEuropeanMusic, where he creates musical interpretations of Swedish poetry and where he has worked with the singer Ida Long, who surprisingly is yet to feature in NMC.

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