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The Brotherhood of Sonic Love (Denmark) – Golden Spells (title track from album)

Here’s exactly what you need for a pre-Christmas fix of hard driving rock, from Denmark’s “notorious” rock band, The Brotherhood of Sonic Love

The album from which this title track is taken, ‘Golden Spells’ is actually over a month old which would normally put it out of our range but as a vinyl version will be released shortly into the New Year we can make an exception. And it is Christmas, isn’t it?

Moreover, I misread the title (I really must get my eyes seen to) as ‘Golden Balls’ and deduced that it must be something to do with David Beckham. I do believe that is what they called him.

They are a little on the dark side to say the least, writing their material about such happy topics as “broken dreams, death, inner demons and the lives that have been added and lost in the members’ inner and social circles in recent years, where curses have followed temptations to such an extent that the album’s title almost ended up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Like I said, its Christmas isn’t it?

In fact I’ll give you a lyrical example, although it isn’t from this song, rather from ‘On the run’: “The streetlights shine like angels/The city stinks of filth/I’m coming over baby/Dress yourself in silk…” 

Two sets of allegorical juxtapositions in one sentence; that can’t be bad.

Musically they lie awkwardly between pop, rock, noise and garage in a way that’s difficult to identify precisely. They have a reputation for their energetic gigs and listening to this track you’ll quickly appreciate why. It’s as close to a ‘wall of sound’ since the days of Phil Spector and with enough reverb to shake the foundations of the Pyramids.

And vocalist Asger Westh sounds like an XL Bully straining to get off its leash. Perfect.

The Brotherhood of Sonic Love is:

Mathias Ejlerskov Lyzell, guitar

Daniel Damkilde Christensen, bass

Per Mølgaard Jørgensen, drums

Asger Westh, vocal

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