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The Swedish Bandit (Sweden) – Heaven (single)

Time for some EDM methinks.

The Swedish Bandit bills himself as an ‘Artist DJ’ and practices his banditry in a Covid mask and glasses that belong with a Haitian gang leader; an electronic Orville Peck. Stand and deliver! as Adam & the Ants might say. Well he does deliver here, for sure.

Not a great deal is made public about him, apart from the fact that he’s from the south of Sweden and “used to produce and release music under a different alias.” There you go, Peck again.

Or even Avicii. Could he…?

I’m not serious of course but there is a similarity of style. And there will always be conspiracy theorists.

I’m often a little wary of EDM. It can start to sound somewhat formulaic to me after a while.

But here the Bandit skillfully weaves pop and dance with some powerful piano chords and wraps it up with a couple of hooks to die for together and with synthesised notes that seem to suck your brains out.

‘Heaven’. Like it says on the tin.

Ella Stedt is credited on the song and I assume it is she who provides the vocals. She does it very well. You do get the impression that she might be as important to the Bandit as Iselin Solheim was to Alan Walker when he breaks big.

Will he? That’s his ambition, along with “playing and the biggest and best festivals”. Don’t be surprised when he makes it there.

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