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The Sweet Parade (Iceland) – Sweet Nothing (single)

The Sweet Parade is Snorri Gunnarsson. I love names like Snorri. They’re just so Icelandic and representative of an island lifestyle that most other Europeans could only dream about.

Equally Icelandic is the concept of having a one man band with just one permanent member as The Sweet Parade is. I’m reminded of Mugison; a legend in that regard over the last decade or so.

Snorri has a history of course, as with everyone in the Icelandic music scene. It looks like he plies his main trade as a photographer.

He has played with several underground bands: Fjöll, Soma, Stolið, YouYou and There Will Be Wolves. The Sweet Parade has been making music since December 2020 and has released seven singles to date, Sweet Nothing is number eight and there will be a full record coming out in the autumn of 2023.

No clue is offered as to what the song is about but it carries a hint musically early on of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ The best guess I can offer is that it proposes just to go with the flow rather than to adapt to any one or more mores.

“There are ways to be free and there are ways to fade away/ Oh sweet nothing reign over me.”

You could imagine Peter, Dennis or Jack drawling that in Easy Rider.

As such it could be used in a road movie as suggested by the video. I’m wondering if it was shot on Reykjanesbraut, the Road 41 between Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport? It’s the only continuous dual carriageway road I can think of.

Answers on a postcard!

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