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Tim Damerau (Sweden) – Lovebirds (single)

We like to mix things up here at NMC and after a few quite serious, heavy duty songs in quick succession it’s time to lighten things up a little with a pleasant little pop ballad from Sweden’s Tim Damerau.

It’s Sunday, it’s been quite warm and spring-like and it’s Mother’s Day so this is the right day to do it. Not that Tim is singing about his mother. It isn’t easy to pin down exactly what he is singing about but there is a clue in the title for sure.

Actually, there’s a team behind this because in addition to Tim also involved is Danish producer and mixer Troels Henriksen, who carries the artist moniker Hr. Troels and has 500 million Spotify streams to his credit for himself and numerous other artists, together with co-producer Christoffer Parning Finnson, and Casper Bjerkehagen.

Collectively they have fashioned a song with an Avicii vibe to it, but additionally a vocal style (and I’m thinking especially of when he sings “I can imagine your body”, which is the main strap line, that has shades of Ed Sheeran.

There is always the potential with songs that carry a title like ‘Lovebirds’ that they could be a little sugary but apart from “singing three little words…I love you” this one avoids that fate (let’s call it a mild aberration).

Musically the melody is strong, consistent and memorable, especially in the chorus, with the acoustic guitar lead blending effortlessly with synthesiser and synth pad content that verges on orchestral.

Vocally, a gravelly yet silky tenor sits happily with the melody.

I purposefully listened to the song several times before making this declaration – that if it turned up on the desk of a producer for the national broadcaster here in the UK it would at the very least prompt some digging as to who it is and where the song came from and it would be an evens bet that it could garner some airplay too, on an ‘easy listening’ radio programme. It ticks all the boxes.

‘Lovebirds’ is available now on the Comedia label.

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