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Tinyhawk & Bizzarro (Finland) – Nekorok (single/track from forthcoming album)

Tinyhawk & Bizzarro, a collaboration between Jenni Kinnunen (Tinyhawk) and Bizzarro, which comprises Markus Väisänen (guitar), Teemu Aho (bass), Jaakko Pöyhönen (drums) and Juuso Kolho (synthesiser, percussion), were here back in December with the first of their ‘experimental instrumental rock’ pieces, one which had a distinctly 1960s theme to it but which at the same time used modern Caribbean and Asian sounds.

Now they release their second single ‘Nekorok’. It is the title track from the album coming out in August, and it showcases the album’s experimental and electronic side more so than on the previous single.

That experimentalism ranges here over several styles, of which the more extreme are the chamber music-style opening, followed by math rock, then a sort of krautrock mid-way through before it concludes with a complex section that might have been something Mike Oldfield wrote.

It has a sci-fi flavour to it and if there was ever going to be a new film version of A Clockwork Orange (there won’t be) I imagine it would be what was playing in the background of the Korova Milk Bar as Alex and his Droogs meet up for a glass or two of Milk + Velocet before venturing out on a night of the old ultra violence.

Purcell’s music would inevitably be replaced by something like Nekorok in a new version.

Not that I think T&B are social misfits of course!! It’s just that they write music which is so evocative that film and TV images will subliminally flash into your mind whether you like it or not.

‘Nekorok’ the single is out since 3rd March and the album will be in August 2023 (vinyl and digital formats). Both on Humu Records.

Additional musicians on the single and album are Tuukka Tervo and Niko Votkin.

They say they will be playing gigs again in May. I guess that means in Finland.

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