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Tomma Intet (Sweden) – Home is what I call the void (single/track from forthcoming EP)

Having dusted off this year’s singles review it’s back to the day job and I had a choice between this song from Tomma Intet (English: Nothingness) and one about ‘climate change’. In the end there was no choice to be made because I can’t bring myself even to think about ‘global warming’ when the temperature hasn’t got above freezing for the last 10 days. So, another time for that one.

Tomma Intet is a Swedish band, and a slightly off-the-wall one judging from their Facebook page, in which eight of them sit at a bar, ‘Last Supper’ style, with what looks like Beelzebub occupying Jesus’ position. Perhaps I’m reading a bit too much into it…!

‘Home is what I call the void’ is the second single from the forthcoming EP which is called ‘Ultradreams’ or ‘The other side of an Ultradream,’ depending on what you believe; and which is to be released in January. Or March.

It is about longing for the complete silence of the void when you are crushed by a constant flow of words. The sound of a crowd of people talking is compared to an engine spewing exhaust fumes in your face in their archetypal way, and the only salvation is to be left, as Greta Garbo pleaded to be, completely alone.

Now as you know I’m attracted to songs for a variety of unusual reasons and in this case I’ve been listening to the Nightwish album, ‘Human Nature’ this afternoon. The first track, ‘Noise’ deals with the very same subject and in much the same way. That was sufficient for me to check this out.

They are a dream rock/psych band with “a dash” of the inimitable ‘Swedish melancholy’ and the female singer’s (sorry I don’t know her name) voice is distinctly psychy.

That said, I wasn’t getting too much from the song from the first 90 seconds or so but then it steps up a gear, with juxtaposed, insistent keyboard and guitar riffs thrown in and suddenly it’s a whole new song altogether, ironically noisy but more than good enough to put on repeat.

The forthcoming EP was recorded in songwriter and producer Mange Petersson’s own studio The Void during the pandemic.

A lot of new material will be released from the band in the future and they say that “soon” they will announce their first concerts for 2023.

Find them on:



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