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Trentemøller (Denmark) – No more kissing in the rain (single/track from forthcoming album)

I have to admit sometimes to being baffled by PR releases. The one for this song, the latest and probably last single from Trentemøller’s forthcoming album ‘Memoria’, (and a little late I’m afraid, it was released over a week ago but I only just became aware of it) says ‘No more kissing in the rain’ “gives the impression that it’s easier to find comfort in the darkness when it feels like particles of light are only moments away from assembling, perhaps divulging a bright secret”. The coming of the dawn, perhaps?

Trentemøller’s last effort, the New Order-like ‘Dead or Alive’ was something of a fairly simple bass driven rocker. This one is more orchestral in nature, more ethereal, while losing nothing in the melody. It features a vocal contribution from Lisbet Fritze, who was also on the last two singles, suggesting she’ll be a centrepiece of the album.

She opens with “My dear, I am running out of time”, which sounds like it’s a final missive from someone on Death Row, but appears to signal merely the end of a relationship. Or does it? There are more sombre overtones.

Trentemøller oversees some intriguing videos and in both of the last two someone’s been running as hard as they can to get somewhere as fast as they can. Perhaps Schwarzenegger will be in the next one.

Indeed, they’re both out for a jog in this video, after demolishing a Big Mac and Fries at what I assume must be different branches of the Golden Arches. Ultimately they meet as they were doomed to but there’s no kissing. At least it isn’t raining.

Light hearted comments aside, Trentemøller once again manages to create an atmospheric little story in which both lyrically and visually (the video) he offers up an open ending for you to close the way you want it to go, raising the mood along the path by way of subtly building synths.

‘Memoria’ is released via his own label In My Room on February 11th, 2022.

Photo: Sofie Nørregaard

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