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Ungh (Denmark) – Meningsløs (Meaningless) – debut single

It’s a strange name, isn’t it? I misread it as Hung, which isn’t exactly enticing. And the song’s in Danish, which usually gives me a problem as my knowledge of that language is basic to say the least.

But I gave it a listen anyway, partly because it is a debut single and I’m always up for hearing an artist or band for the first time.

I’m glad I made that choice and I’ll explain why in a minute.

Firstly, about the artist and the song. She’s Danish, that’s all I know, and isn’t to be confused with the band of the same name. Ungh, I discovered, translates as ‘young’ and she looks it on her single Facebook page photo in which she might be Brigitte Bardot, sucking on an ice lolly in one of her early films.

The same page hasn’t attracted any followers yet so she’s very new to the business, at least in this guise.

‘Meningsløs’ translates as ‘Meaningless’ (hm, Danish can’t be that difficult) and deals with “life’s harsh realities” and in particular zeroes in on the culture of perfectionism and the perpetual pursuit of unattainable ideals, a topic we’ve encountered frequently and which, as the title says, is pretty meaningless as well as narcissistic.

To Ungh, a life without soul and peace easily becomes meaningless, and when that happens, it’s important to pause, reflect, and ask oneself: “What am I actually running for – and from?”

Slow down, chill and take it easy is her mantra and I’m all for that, man.

It’s a convincing enough argument but I was caught off guard by her vocal, which comes in like a steamroller from the very first bar and with the powerful tone of an older and seasoned performer. One that likes a whisky to go with her cigarette.

Struggling to find someone to compare her to, my first thought was Björk but as the song progressed I started to hear elements of French yé-yé in it as well, possibly someone like France Gall.

She certainly has an interesting voice, a powerful set of pipes, that slight huskiness that folk find a little sexy, and the capability to deliver a nice little melody convincingly.

I love it when I come across expressive new vocalists from Denmark; I’ve followed a few over time, my favourite to date being Gurli Octavia I guess, who possesses similar qualities.

I’m pretty confident Ungh is going to be one of them.

Find her on:


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