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Uno Soul (Denmark) – Time to share (single + video)

We’ve had several posts now of Christmas songs and I suppose I should really have included this one with them, but man, there are so many. And this one is weird.

Uno Soul is a Copenhagen based ‘indie rock/power pop band’ and they say this latest offer is “beautifully wrapped as a Christmas present to you from us,” by which I assume they are referring mainly to the intriguing video they sent.

I’ll deal with that first. The four guys, who look like a cross between The League of Gentlemen (British black comedy series) having a Last Supper for four, combined with fringe members of Sparks, are tucking into an n-course dinner that contains some, let’s say, interesting items, with the same gusto that Mr Creosote did with his final, explosive meal in Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life.’

It’s all rather surreal.

The lyrics seem to suggest some sort of a ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ trip but then quickly shift into questioning the meaning of Christmas and the ‘me-fest’ it has collapsed into.

Musically, it has a vaguely 1960’s, almost Beatles-like feel to it, complete with a blistering but all too short guitar solo while vocally the singer, Troels, sounds like a male version of Poly Styrene, singing her ‘Black Christmas’ song that I mentioned only the other day, especially with the accentuation on “dazed” and “erased.” That’s some coincidence.

I don’t know a great deal about Uno Soul but I just realised that we featured them last year with ‘Heartbroken Girl’, which fetched a very positive review.

Here’s the video. Don’t have nightmares.

Lyrics by Henrik Lysgaard Madsen

Music by Troels Jørgensen and Uno Soul.

Find them on:



Uno Soul are:

Troels Jørgensen – Guitar and lead vocal

Henrik Lysgaard Madsen – Guitar, slide guitar and backing vocal

Jeppe Thiesen: Bass

Per Mølgaard Jørgensen: Drums

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