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Victor Aage (Denmark) – Too Gorgeous (ft. Who Killed Bambi) (single)

Gorgeous is almost too gorgeous a word for its own good. It tends to get attached to, for example, exploitative songs like Babybird’s ‘You’re Gorgeous’, and to pain in the arse British politicians like ‘Gorgeous George’ Galloway who rocks up every so often like a bad penny.

So I’m often a little wary of the word but as soon as I saw that Victor Aage (Lundsgaard)is collaborating on this second single of his, ‘Too Gorgeous’, with Who Killed Bambi I just had to check it out. I mean, who calls a string ensemble Who Killed Bambi?

And then I saw that they have worked with the likes of Fallulah, Brimheim and Lydmor and it all fell into place.

Victor, from Aarhus, is being called “Denmark’s new crooner” since his first single release in January, namely ‘Federico’, a song which was based on a school assignment he took about the Spanish poet Federico Lorca and one which won him a place at a flamenco festival in Spain; and not at Neptune’s Bar in Benidorm either I’ll have you know, it was in culture-dripping Jerez.

It seems he’s Speedy Gonzalez too when it comes to writing, having polished off ‘Too Gorgeous’ in double quick time, both the melody and the lyrics.

The song is about inadequacy and how you realise the full meaning of that word when you wake up next to your lady and have to wonder why she’s still there instead of over the hills and far away. I know the feeling.

You know, I don’t hear a lot of crooning going down here, at least not as I understand the meaning of the word, which always suggested to me something that wasn’t quite what it seemed; something a little false.

And you don’t really croon about not being able to keep your end up, do you?

On the contrary what I hear is a candid, sad pop song delivered honestly and without any pretense. While Victor doesn’t have the hooks of, say, ABC yet, the way in which it has been composed and arranged subtly with the strings has all the hallmarks of the Sheffield band.

And I say that with All of my Heart.

Fun fact:

Since Victor was 10 years old, he has been performing his own songs but thought he would be a racing cyclist. However, the musical ambition exceeded that of wearing the yellow jersey and the bike was dropped due to the risk of a crash, which could potentially damage his hands.

Paradoxically, intensive practice on the jazz guitar ended up with him suffering an injury to his hand. Jazz being as competitive as cycling, the injury provided a welcome excuse to put away the jazz guitar and start performing his more pop-like song compositions. So here we are today.

But even though the jazz guitar has been put on the shelf, Victor’s guitar playing is a central element of his universe.

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