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Video of the week – Almost Dead Men (Sweden) – Angry Man (single)

Almost Dead Men haven’t crawled into a corner yet. No sir.

I don’t know if they’re in the habit of releasing one new single each year but the last time they were here was exactly 12 months ago and with a Video of the Week then (for ‘Cruising’), as well. I suppose we all become less prolific in our dotage.

Last time out I mentioned how the Uppsala five-piece, all time served musicians with as many bands collectively as I’ve had hot dinners are “evidently skilled at creating a strong visual image.”

And that’s the case in ‘Angry Man’ (he should watch his blood pressure). Sören G. Andersson’s pork pie hat and shades identify him, at one and the same time, as one of the coolest and meanest looking dudes in Swedish music.

The song reminds me of the character the long serving BBC Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright dreamed up all those years ago, Mr Angry from Purley, who would have been rabid at winning the lottery, except that Auntie Beeb would never have allowed him to tell his audience to “shut the fuck up”, which is the strap line here.

Visually, they fascinate me. Bass player Jan Sandred looks like he’s on loan from the Uppsala branch of Handelsbanken, while when they start pointing at their audience they might all have early stage Parkinson’s. (I have a feeling that’s deliberate).

As with ‘Cruising’ the lyrics are simple, to the point, and nothing was lost in translation. The riff is classic Status Quo although to their credit they insert a few more chords and key changes than the Quo could typically manage.

What it boils down to is that they’re keeping the spirit of ‘post-punk’ going, and in a way that makes Idles look like a sophisticated prog-rock band.

Almost DEAD MEN still are:

Lead Vocals – Sören G. Andersson

Guitar and Vocals – Magnus Larsson

Guitar and Vocals – Tom Stenström

Bass and Vocals – Jan Sandred

Drums and Vocals – Mats Bergkvist.

Find them on:




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