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Video premiere! Slagger Lund (Denmark) – Fremad i mit øje (single/track from forthcoming album)

I’ll be honest, I amuse myself with the reasons by which I select the music you find in here. I receive so many submissions of songs, EPs, albums and videos that I had to give up on foreign language songs for a while (which doesn’t mean I expect them to be in English – that’s another matter).

But I was taken by this song from Slagger Lund (what a great name although the real one, Fleming Lund, might just be the Danish equivalent of John Smith for all I know) and the downbeat homemade black and white video that goes with it.

‘Fremad i mit øje’ (‘Forward in my eye’) is originally a wedding song, but is mostly a tribute to life, love and unique relationships.

I came across it just after I’d read an article about Britain’s most notorious criminal, Charles Bronson as he called himself after the American ‘Death Wish’ actor, who is applying for parole for the first time having spent 50 years in prison, most of it in solitary confinement.

Now I’m not saying that Slagger looks like a criminal, even if the video starts and ends with what could be a wall full of mug shots but he does look like someone who’s experienced the harsh realities of life, and quite recently for that matter. A bloke from the wrong side of the tracks, who’s been dealt the wrong cards. Consistently. A guy who’s lived, who’s overcome all the many odds thrown in his path.

Hesitant steps and a hesitant voice. All very atmospheric.

He’s a poet as well as a singer-songwriter and calls his DIY ‘modern bonfire deluxe’.

Forthcoming singles apparently include, ‘I’m going to the gym, baby’ and ‘Everyone smells like shit.’ I think you probably get where Slagger is coming from.

In the video he heads out to the coast and I couldn’t help but picture him as a sort of alt-Seasick Steve, putting the blues aside for a sad ballad.

What is he saying in the song? I haven’t a fricking clue. My Danish runs to ‘Carlsberg’ and that’s about it. But I did hear a reference to Simon le Bon (?); see if you can pick it out.

He might not have Simon’s prettiness but he’s a character for sure, which is what the music business needs.

The album, called ‘Maniak’ (yes – maniac!) will be released during the spring and guests include Marie Eline Hansen, who has recorded a track called ‘Fucking Idiot’. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven.  And it’s on the ‘Kaptajn Bjørneklo’ label. Another wonderful name.

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