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Vince Chinaski (Denmark) – Unconditional Love (single)

Vince Chinaski. Interesting name. Not exactly Nordic, though, which isn’t surprising as he hails from Rome and got to Copenhagen at length via Berlin, where it seems just about every musician touches base at some time or other these days.

So for our purposes he’s an honorary Nordic.

He’s been around for a while, working his way across Europe with a succession of bands and has had good reviews for previous singles. Now he’s a ‘one-man band project’ as he calls himself.

But you’re only as good as your most recent song in here and to be fair this isn’t a bad one at all.

Vince tells the story of his journey across the continent, its various languages and cultures, and of a long-distance relationship he managed to sustain throughout it in ‘Unconditional Love.’ But there seems to be a double entendre there as it is as much about his love of life no matter what it throws at you as it is with someone who might as well be Sleepless in Seattle.

His alt indie-folk style is supplemented by a wide range of acoustic and electronic instrumentation and by his own backing vocals. He is a multi-instrumentalist and may well have played much of it himself. It requires considerable production skill to hold all this together; especially so at the end when the electronics arrive like an extraterrestrial attack turning the song into a 70’s prog song, and that skill hasn’t gone missing either.

The first part of the song reminds me of the early work of the superior US band, Arc Iris, especially the drummer, Ray Belli, while his husky vocals gravitate in the direction of the under-rated Swede Mike Granditsky, which is a long way of saying it oozes class.

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