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Vingard (Denmark) – In the long run (single/title track from forthcoming album)

Danish singer-songwriter (Tine) Vingard, from Aalborg, releases her debut album ‘In The Long Run’ on 1st September and this is the title track from it.

So you’re in the vanguard of Vingard if you’ll pardon the pun.

Her back story reveals that she has always had her sights set on international audiences. At 15, she wrote a film score for a German feature film, and since then she has performed more than 300 concerts at home and abroad.

Her style was crafted in Berlin and, with a desire to mirror herself in other people’s stories in the hope that others would be able to mirror themselves in hers, she uses life stories from her fans as inspiration for the songs on the new 11-song album, having collected those stories through social media and writing 25 new songs in three weeks.

That style is an amalgam of ‘North Jutland melancholy’, and Americana.

I’m not sure quite where to place her from this one song, ‘In the long run’, which rocks along at a fair pace; too fast to be melancholic and if they played it at Nashville they’d be asking her to put it on at the right speed. It’s swifter than Taylor. (Sorry, these puns are getting worse).

And vocally, she intrigues me. She reminds me with some of her vocal mannerisms (such as a slightly gravelly voice that cracks occasionally) straight away of the temporarily retired Norwegian Sol Heilo (who, I discovered by chance, contributed to a Vingard song, ‘My last farewell’, a couple of years ago. It’s well worth checking out, they complement each other perfectly).

The other vocalist that came to mind is Iceland’s Soffía, featured here only last week, and that’s mainly on account of the emotion that Vingard puts into her performance as the Icelander does. She certainly ‘lives’ it.

While I’m sure she can perform the song solo or as a duo (as she does) perfectly well I believe I would always opt for a full band performance. This gang is very much together and I reckon the live show they put on must be well worth checking out. She has a number of shows coming up across Denmark and a couple in Germany from September through November, which you can discover on her website.

Sadly, nothing in the UK. Nobody loves us.

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