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Waterbody (Sweden) – Sinking Road (single/album track)

It may be Christmas Eve but here in the NMC workhouse there’s no rest for the wicked.

Waterbody is Lotta Wenglén, out of Malmö, and this track, ‘Sinking Road’, is the second single from the album ‘Aquatic Happenings’, which happened on 22nd December.

I’m guarded about anything with an aquatic theme. Partly because biblical proportions of water have tumbled out of the sky here in the last few days causing several roads to sink and partly because I recall the awful 1995 Kevin Costner film Waterworld which sealed the fate of water as a theme for anything artistic but this song managed to suck me back in like the H20 spiraling down the plughole courtesy of the Coriolis effect.

A little about the artist first.

Waterbody is an instrumental music project created by Lotta Wenglén and the name Waterbody “refers to how we as humans are part of all water bodies and flow together, but we are also limited to individuals. So at the same time as we are free and mobile, we exist in a carefully defined form that is difficult to reshape.”

I’m having trouble getting my head around that. The only time I feel like I’m flowing as a ‘water body’ is when I’m in the bath or getting drenched in a downpour. But as we can’t exist beyond three days without water I readily accept its critical importance.

Moreover, and as I’m sure Lotta knows, the next global ‘emergency’, probably coming very soon at the hands of our friends at the United Nations and World Economic Forum, will be the water one, or lack of it. While we’re sat on the edge of huge oceans that consistently grow on account of ‘climate change’. Some mixed messages there.

Anyway, she describes her music as “Cinematic Swedish Jungle-Pop with an Indie sound.” The cinematic bit comes easily. Driven by an incessant thumping bass line over which jangly guitar and synths jockey for position it falls eerily between something ambient and hard rock, even metal.

It could be the soundtrack to one of those nature series soundtracks you see on TV, one in which there is a catastrophic flash flood smashing its way through a village.

Or, gravitating away from the water theme, a vicious lava flow and pyroclastic blast flow making its way down the side of a volcano.

Then again it might even be the score to a classy, stylish Michael Mann-directed movie; the chase to catch the serial killer before he performs his next party piece.

In other words, you hear what you imagine, which is what it should be with any instrumental piece.

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Image by Lennart Sjöberg

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