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We Ghosts (Sweden/UK) – Ship goes down (single)

I had intended to write about We Ghosts’ recently released album ‘Derailed’ including their version of the Joy Division classic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, until  realised I already written about their version of that track last year.

But these ghosts don’t hang around, they’re already working on another album, ‘Idle Hands’ (out as soon as June 9th), and have released a single from it, ‘Ship goes Down’.

It seems the two albums go together and in the old vinyl days they would have formed a double album. They hint that it might yet be if there are any physical copies.

‘Ship goes down’ has long been one of their favourite songs and there has been a video for it for a while even though it was not formally released.

 I’m always a bit wary about song titles like this, as if they are tempting providence. The Ancient Mariner and his Albatross. Playing Macbeth. Making films about exorcisms. Saying Candyman five times into a mirror. That sort of thing. Don’t sing about ships sinking, it will only bring bad luck.

In reality it has been quite the opposite for the duo, having received considerable airplay while they do believe it was possibly the track that got them signed to their label.

Pardon me for repeating myself but as I’ve often observed I don’t get why We Ghosts aren’t better known. They incessantly come up with melodic, powerful, high quality sing-a-long ditties, in a variety of styles and often with an underlying air of menace as here. In its own way it carries the same dystopian clout as the likes of Zager & Evans’ ‘In the Year 2525’, REM’s ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’, and Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire’.

But it isn’t in any way depressing or off-putting and that’s partly down to Jenny (JJ) Woodall’s confident, adversity-challenging vocal and equally to the forceful guitar of John Woodall, which owes more than a bit to Joy Division methinks.

The music video was made by: Joakim Holmberg (Holst)

‘Ship Goes down’ was released on Friday 26th May.

The album ‘Idle Hands’ will be released on June 9th.

This link will direct you to the video.

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