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We Ghosts (UK/Sweden) – Sweetest Addiction (single/track from forthcoming album) ft. Johnny Quadrio

They’re busy in the Afterworld. The Anglo-Swedish We Ghosts today released the first of what will be a series of singles, followed by an album and then another album to come “before the summer” which is almost upon us although you’d never think it in Oldham right now.

This single is a new version of their song ‘Sweetest Addiction’, which in an earlier version remixed by DJ and producer Rich Edwards – who liked the hook – was streamed millions of times on music platforms around the world as an EDM track.

 We Ghosts’ John Christopher says, “we’re more into guitars than synths, so now – nine years later – we’re releasing the full song with all the original verses, since the EDM version, which only featured the hook, didn’t tell the whole story. We recruited a long-time We Ghosts collaborator, Johnny Quadrio, to help us with the final arrangement and the new version was completed.”

 Johnny Quadrio. What a great name for a musician. He’s a Scouser whose work has been compared to that of Bowie.

Since We Ghosts were last here in NMC (October 2022), with their version of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ they’ve been touring extensively in Sweden, France and the UK including playing at a pub, The Wharf, in Macclesfield, which has become their home ‘turf’ in England partly on account of Ian Curtis hailing from Macclesfield.

So, what does this offering bring? More of Joy Division/New Order? A bit of Bowie? Some Beatlemania?

Actually, none of the above. Sliding in out of left field with a neat backbeat, it isn’t long before Jenny (J.J) Woodall’s own sweet addictive voice enters the fray.

There’s all sorts going on. It’s jazzy, bluesy, poppy and sexy all at the same time. In parts I could imagine Elkie Brooks singing it, having been enthused by the Woodall treatment, while in others it could be a Bond theme. They just haven’t written the script yet.

There’s a prominent bass that underscores it brilliantly while the harmonies, which I suspect Jenny Woodall might have provided herself, suit the mood perfectly.

All round, a bloomin’ good song as we say in’t North.

‘Sweetest Addiction’ was released on 14th April on the Comedia label.

If you’re interested to hear the Edwards dance version it’s here:

We Ghosts play Porter Pelle in Gothenburg on 15th April.

Find them on:





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