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Weekend Intermission – Video of the Week – Mist Tower (Ukraine) – Dirty Waters (single, live performance)

Weekend Intermission is our regular feature where we look at an artist or band not from the Nordic countries, just to mix things up a bit.

It’s always a pleasure to have Ukrainian bands on board. We featured one right at the start of the war – the Odesa-based Mist Tower, followed later that year by Shayri, an exile now domiciled in Sweden.

And now Mist Tower is back. I ended the previous review, almost two years ago, by mentioning that the members could be on the front line at any time and wishing them luck.

Judging from their Facebook page its looks as if they are still intact although the precariousness of their position is emphasised by a recent statement on it; “Unfortunately, the Mist Tower band will not be able to participate in the event (a gig). The war makes its adjustments.”

Whatever the circumstances it looks as if they are looking forward to a better future with the comment “2024 is a year of change and new achievements. In case we are working on new material to surprise you even more. Mist Tower is not just a project. This is the music of the modern universe. Stay tuned for more updates. Do attend our concerts. Be at the moment of the universe where in the middle stands the enchanted Mist Tower.”

I can’t quite place Mist Tower. The name itself is suggestive of a psych band but at the same time they see themselves as an underground one and appear at gigs alongside other bands with death metal-like names like Risin Sabotage. Halfway between the two is stoner so I guess that’s what we’ll call them.

It isn’t a style I’m overly familiar but there’s enough fuzzy guitar in this video to fill an arena never mind a small room or missile shelter. I reckon they are an exciting band to watch live so get to see them if you can in Ukraine and hopefully before too long elsewhere in Europe.

Video by Taras Osipov and Alexander Belinsky

Find them on:



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