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William Hut (Norway) – Don’t give up (Single)

One of my favourite songs, tastefully delivered by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, and even more so by Gabriel and Paula Cole.

And yes, it was that title that drew me to this effort by Bergen-based William Hut. Could his song possibly stand comparison with that masterpiece?

I was attracted to how he describes himself in his PR:

“I’m nothing special, just an average soul among common people. Ageing doesn’t make you stronger, it makes you wiser. ‘Don’t Give Up’ is a song about living with mediocre self-esteem and everyday anxiety.”

With 25,000 followers on social media I think William adds up to a bit more than an average Joe. Or Bill.

I’m intrigued by how musicians handle these issues. Because they can get up on stage and perform before thousands it’s easy to think they must be bursting with confidence. But that isn’t always the case of course and I recently watched an interview with one of my favourite musicians, the songwriter and main man of an internationally renowned band, in which he painted a picture of himself as a nervous wreck who has little personal faith in the fabulous stuff he writes and which enthrals millions worldwide.

And on a different level that’s William’s problem too it seems. However, the lyric suggests that while he may appear to be a milquetoast, he’s a warrior when there’s something worth fighting for:

“I don’t raise my voice in a big crowd/but my soul is like a storm cloud.”

And the line “Don’t give in; every night is yours to win” hints at his issues having impacted on affairs of the heart as well.

It is delivered with a simple but effective melody that wins you over straight away. And there’s a pleasing little ballet dancing video to go with it. I’m not sure of the significance but it isn’t carved in stone that there has to be one.

It probably won’t be winning a Spellemannprise, but it will win your heart.

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