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Feature – SkarWorX’s (Norway) Five-Course Musical Feast

This is the second in the feature series, the ‘Five Course Musical Feast’ in which an artist selects five songs, or albums, or music videos (their choice, including mixing the mediums up if they prefer) and tells us in a few words why they mean so much to them.

This time out our location is Oslo, Norway and the gourmet selection comes courtesy of SkarWorX, the solo project of Øystein Skar.

Øystein has already appeared in NMC; in fact he was the very first post, one which alluded to his excellent debut EP, ‘Seed-X’.

In fact ‘Seed-X’ was the first of a trilogy of EPs, and the second is under production. ‘Seed-X Vol.2’ is being recorded right now with the first track lined up for release early next year.

A specialist in classical and jazz piano, in which he was formally trained, Øystein has collaborated with a Who’s Who of Norwegian and international musicians, and has toured extensively. Previous contemporary music bands have included Cakewalk, Glow, Klang Kollektif and Highasakite. He is currently a member of the Norwegian pop trio, Löv.

Øystein labelled his selection as ‘5 songs to explore, by SkarWorX’ and he says, “I have chosen five songs to explore, which reflect my musical universe at the moment! Some old, some new”.

  • Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal [Immunity]

This one is the first song I heard from Jon Hopkins. I am a big fan of his and have been fortunate to see him live twice now. I am also going to watch his concert in Oslo next year.

I really like the repetitive vibe and the gritty bass. When I listen to this I imagine skiing really fast down a mountain. When it comes to this type of electronic music I am a fan of long tracks where I can experience a kind of meditative feeling after a while.

  • Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai

Great production and a really nice track. There are so many production “tricks” going on here – I can spend hours listening to different aspects of the production.

I have listened a lot to Flume, so at the moment I am also kind of tired of him. But when picking 5 songs, I find it hard not to mention Flume. He is a very talented guy.

  • Four Tet – Baby

I have recently become a big fan of Four Tet! My own music is often very complex – it has a lot of layers and stuff going on. Four Tet is a master at keeping it simple.

  • Trentemøller – Miss You

An oldie but goldie from the Danish producer Trentemøller. I am a big fan of his sound design in general and on this song. Like always with Trentemøller – great-sounding synths and nerdy use of reverb. I am actually going to see Trentemøller when he comes to Oslo this spring. Looking forward to it. I really hope that Covid-19 is gone by then, but we have to see.

(Editor’s note – we recently featured Trentemøller’s latest single, ‘Dead or Alive’ – see

  • Air – Venus

This is such a classic!

This whole album is a masterpiece and I really recommend checking it out. Old synths, drum-machines, and French weird-catchy melodies. What is not to like?

Many thanks to Øystein for putting this erudite and classy collection together, and very quickly!

You can follow him on:

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I’m not yet sure who is next up for this feature but I suspect it is another Norwegian. Watch this space.

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