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Introducing: Marte Eberson (Norway) – This will blow (single)

Marte Eberson took part in an interview/conversation with NMC only a couple of weeks ago and in which we mentioned her new single, ‘This will blow’,  which is released today, 20th May. The breadth of her musical talent is well known by now and she’s a fixture in several bands, spanning numerous ‘genres.’

But her latest shift in direction blindsided me, as she’d hinted  she might be turning the clock back to pre-Highasakite days and also to her collective electro-pop work in the band LÖV. I took a listen to some of her earlier solo work, songs like ‘The meeting’ and ‘Leon’ from her ‘Mad Boy’ album,which were quite powerful synth-infused pieces, and expected much of the same.

In fact, that isn’t what has happened. She said in the interview, ‘This will blow’ is more acoustic as “I wanted to make songs and sounds that were a bit vintage. Last spring I was listening to a lot to disco and funk from the 70s. They really got me in a good mood. A repetitive bass, fewer chords, and a groove that just kept on going were like an eye-opener for how I could write new songs.”

But it isn’t really that either.‘This will blow’ doesn’t belong in the 70s but right in the here and now and it’s about as vintage as a Tesla. Or vertiports. Or electric planes (popular in Norway, which is leading the way in their manufacture).

In fact I’d class it as a whole fresh new ‘sound’ altogether except that it has a few elements of The Ting Tings’ ‘That’s not my name’ in it but it’s as catchy as hell all the same. You’ll be singing it all the way down to the municipal offices when you collect your emergency council tax rebate.

Add in some funky guitar (I thought it might be dad, who knows a thing or two about these things but it’s the work of Marius Simonsen), an entirely new and sassy vocal, different from anything we’ve heard before from Marte, and classy production from Auden Erlien and Jonas Kroon and it’s unstoppable. It’s one o’clock in the morning and I’m jumping around to it.

Is there anything this lady can’t do?

Seriously, on BBC Radio 2, Ken Bruce’s programme has Sigrid’s latest album as ‘album of the week,’ Ms Raabe being the Corporation’s Scandinavian darling of the moment. I’ve heard four of the tracks so far and with all due respect to Sigrid – who is pretty good, let’s be fair – none of them can hold a candle to this song for instant appeal.

Don’t need a weatherman to know which way this song blows, as Dylan said. Or something like that.

Check it out here. Don’t delay!

The interview with Marte is here:

Find her on:



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